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Embark on an Epic Outdoor Adventure in Enterprise, Oregon!

Discover the top camping and outdoor adventures around Enterprise, Oregon. Hike & backpack into the Eagle Cap Wilderness, fish the Wallowa River, camp at Wallowa Lake, ride the trails at Enterprise City Park, and explore the beautiful Wallowa Mountains.

Sep 19, 2023

Let's face it - after being cooped up indoors during the pandemic, we could all use a healthy dose of fresh air and natural splendor. Well friends, allow me to introduce you to the adventurer's paradise that is Enterprise, Oregon.

Resting in the mighty Wallowa Mountains of northeast Oregon, Enterprise is the perfect jump-off point for your next outdoor extravaganza. We're talking shimmering alpine lakes, forests filled with more critters than a Disney movie, and peaks so big they'll make your jaw drop. Grab your camping gear and let's hit the road!

First stop - the Wallowa-Whitman National Forest for some good old-fashioned tent camping beneath the tall pines. Pitch your tent at Lostine Campground and you'll be lulled to sleep by the gentle roar of Lostine River. Just remember to secure your picnic basket - local black bears have been known to get sneaky in search of leftover hamburgers.

For you luxury glampers, head just south to Wallowa Lake State Park and snag one of their cozy yurts. Nothing like unzipping the yurt flap first thing to see the morning alpenglow on the glacial lake. Follow that up with a hot cup of coffee while listening to the soft chirps of robins and warblers - now that's the stuff camping dreams are made of.

If you really want to test your backcountry chops, grab your hiking boots and trek into the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Take in the sweet alpine air as you make the knee-busting climb up switchbacks to secluded lakes surrounded by rocky crags. Just keep an eye out for mountain goats doing parkour on the cliffs above - those dudes have crazy skills.

Right in town, the Wallowa River beckons fly fishers with its healthy population of scrappy trout. I suggest heading down to the river at sunset when the fish start rising. As you cast your line, you'll swear you can almost hear the river murmuring, "Not too shabby, human. But my fish won't go down without a fight."

When your legs need a break from hiking, pedal over to Enterprise City Park across the river. Cruise along the forested trails until you reach the Oregon Trail bike route. Grind your way 1,000 feet up the switchbacks for phenomenal views of the valley and a great glute workout to boot.

Of course, we can’t talk Enterprise without mentioning the crown jewel - the Eagle Cap Wilderness. Behold the towering granite peaks and turquoise waters of alpine lakes so pristine you can drink right from the source. Feel your heart swell as you take in vistas from mountain passes that rival the Alps. Just watch your step for marmots, pikas, and other adorable critters scurrying underfoot.

After so much time in the wilderness, you’ll start to smell a bit ripe. Luckily Enterprise has you covered with local breweries and cideries to recharge your batteries. Belly up to the bar and toast your hiking accomplishments with a tasty beverage in hand. Don’t be surprised if you spot some thru-hikers with epic mountain man beards bellied up next to you.

So come experience the thrill of the outdoors around Enterprise! Whether you’re a weekend warrior or seasoned explorer, the Wallowa Mountains deliver adventure in spades. Breathe in that fresh mountain air, immerse yourself in nature, and unleash your inner child. Your inner adventurer is calling - and Enterprise is ready to welcome you with open arms!

Looking forward to seeing you on the Trails!

Your Friends,

Wallowa Valley Dental Team